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NEW CR 5400 PhotoFast MicroSD MicroSDHC TF Card to MS Pro Duo Dual Slot Adapter

Features:Color:As pictureType:MicroSD/TF turn MS Pro Duo short stick adapterTF MS dual card set (2 support 32GB TF Card)Product features:* turn 2 microSDHC (TF) to MS Pro Duo card* using the original control wafer, fully compatible with PSP and other SONY digital products*PSP specifies usage* support the Visa systemSpecific parameters:1. product model: CR-54002. support memory card: microSD256MB-2GB; microSDHC4GB-32GB3. correspond to OS:Windows,...

Product Info

Color:As picture
Type:MicroSD/TF turn MS Pro Duo short stick adapter
TF MS dual card set (2 support 32GB TF Card)
Product features:
* turn 2 microSDHC (TF) to MS Pro Duo card
* using the original control wafer, fully compatible with PSP and other SONY digital products
*PSP specifies usage
* support the Visa system
Specific parameters:
1. product model: CR-5400
2. support memory card: microSD256MB-2GB; microSDHC4GB-32GB
3. correspond to OS:Windows, Vista, XP, 2000.Me, 98SE, Mac, OS 9.2, Mac, OS, X, Linux
4. length specification: 32mm*20mm*1.6mm
5. working voltage: 3.2V
6., adapt to the temperature: 20 degrees below zero Celsius to 80 degrees above zero.
Not compatible with SONY recorder D50 please pat carefully!
Reiterates several points of attention:
1, can be used alone a TF Card -- must be 1
2, when 2, support TF card must use SONY to format such as PSP-- format computer equipment is of no use
3, support the SONY T series W camera - every time there will be tips on the boot, you can use the assembly can use this card sleeve,
4, support 2 32GB TF card, but if the original card, do not take the expansion card test oh!
Matters needing attention:
* if you use only one microSD, you must specify that the first insert nest is inserted before you can function properly.
* before first use, please format on the PSP host before using.
* two please insert the TF card format in PSP.
* the 2 microSD inserted is not the same size, the first slot must be inserted into the large volume, otherwise the second slot card will not display capacity.

Package includes:
Card Adapter*1
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